case study

Length: 400 words, excluding referencesTask: Refer to the following case and answer the associated questions.Case: David is a 47 years old male who has recently been diagnosed with hypertension. He has been prescribed metoprolol.Questions: 1. How will metoprolol help to reduce the patient’s blood pressure? (Hint: mechanism of action).2. What adverse reactions should the patient be aware of? Link the adverse reactions to the mechanism of action.3. Metoprolol is a negative chronotrope. Explain what this means and link this to the mode of action of metoprolol.4. David remains on metoprolol, but is later also prescribed a calcium-channel blocker. Explain what could possibly go wrong with this combination of medications (hint: what are the possible drug-drug interactions with these two medications).Please use referenced evidence to support your answer.Overall Presentation (including formatting and grammar) Presentation of work is excellent, grammatically correct with highly commandable writing skills.Proper use of Literature  Critical analysis of a wide range of relevant literature. 5-10 external sources of information and included and well-integrated into a report. Reference list complete and well-formatted according to  APA 7th guidelines.Demonstration of comprehension, knowledge and analysis  Analytical content demonstrates excellent critical thinking skills, knowledge and comprehension, able to synthesise learning and apply it to the field of study . Demonstrate ability to critically evaluate.Interpretation and application Able to critically evaluate and make judgements, which are realistic, creative and original.

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