case report for eco 2302 102

Format and Content Requisites. (MY COMPANY IS Coca Cola*)

1-4 pages minimum without the questions, single space, no spaces between paragraphs, 0.5 margins all around, type letter times new roman, font size 11. You cannot copy, you cannot quote or paste any image or graph with in the 4 pages content. The 4 pages must be 100% from you as the author. Images, pictures or graphs can be included at the end of the last page, including also the references. Any deviation from these instructions will penalize your grade for 10% each deviation.

2-You must answer the numbers below as are they described, so in this case it would be a report with 5 sections and the last section is divided in 12 subsections. See below.

3-You must submit Word Document File and cannot exceed the 10% originality report inside the Safe Assign Black Board tool, if you don’t know this future you can ask OIT. You also must submit one excel file with the support of all your calculations. My computer does not run any other program than Word and Excel, please not PDF files. If you submit a different type of files your grade will be ZERO.

4-The Black Board Safe assign score sometimes require hours to give you the score results, so be aware that if you submit the file and the originality report is above 10% you must modify and resubmit until it fulfills the maximum 10%. I will not grade any file with more than 10% originality report. Reports above 10% originality score are graded with ZERO.

5-If you copy or paste any text, image or graph within the 4 pages content, you will have plagiarism issue, see the syllabus to understand the consequences of this action. Also, this report will be graded with ZERO. No quotations are allowed in this case report.

6-Because I am here informing you in advance the case report that you must work for the next weeks, I do not accept late work. If your file is not in the proper drop box you will be graded with ZERO. For the system, it is the same one minute due, 10 minutes due, 1 hour or one day. Check the Syllabus to verify when is due this Case Report.

Content and requisites of the Word and Excel files.

1-Word document will discuss the following:

1-Explain and describe the business for your case company. Explain the main product or services provided by the firm and select just one product or one service. For example, if your firm is McDonalds or MCD then you can select Big Mac, which is one of the products that your firm provide to its customers. Be aware you are going to keep this same product for the rest of the semester, in later case reports we are going to use this product to elaborate a more sophisticated report. Please keep on mind this important fact.

2-Now describe the 5 most important features from your selected product or service. Following the example, for example one feature can be the price, maybe the location to acquire the product or maybe the flavor. Explain in detail why you are describing these features.

3-Then you must compare your product with the 3 most important competitors and they respective features. For example, the main competitor for the Big Mac is the Whopper, so you need to investigate about the competitors and the advantages.

4-Describe what is the cost of your product, but you need to describe the cost in terms of materials or in this case ingredients, you must also describe labor and capital. For example labor can take from 3 to 1 minute to produce one Big Mac, depending the experience and skill of the labor. Also describe your competitor’s cost. Again, capital can be also difficult to describe, for example tools, equipment, buildings etc, etc, etc. Describe in detail what is needed to produce your product, even if you do not know the cost.

5-Now, having all these previous main concepts covered you must discuss the following important concepts for your product. Again, you must read the chapters before you start to elaborate each concept for your firm. This section is divided in 12 subsections.

  1. Respond how trade and products markets affect your company and your product.
  2. Respond how government affect your company and your product.
  3. Respond how your company improve the productivity of the business, define this in terms of labor, technology or capital.
  4. Describe the circular flow of your company.
  5. Describe the production possibilities frontier for your company assuming that the company can produce your selected product and also the other products or services that your firm is actually offering.
  6. Describe the benefits for your firm when it is operating in different product markets.
  7. Compared your firm with the competitors please elaborate the following concepts, here you need to assume that your firm is one country and one of the competitors the other country:
    • What is the absolute advantage?
    • Comparative advantage?
    • Why the different sizes of the firms matter?
  8. Describe the factors that affect the demand for the product that you have selected.
  9. Describe the factors that affect the supply or competitors of the product that you have selected.
  10. Describe how price compared with the competitors affect the supply and demand. Elaborate in terms of pricing perspective and location.
  11. Now describe how changing in factors for supply and demand can increase your company performance.
  12. Describe how your company and competitors can allocate differently the resources, such labor, capital and technology.
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