Case Assignment 5 pages

Using the information in the required readings as well as some additional research in peerreviewed sources, complete your Case Assignment by answering the following:Compare and contrast utilization review and utilization management in health care. What are the similarities and the differences between each type of assessment? (Hint: One is generally a prospective process, and the other is generally a retrospective process).Explain the specific role of each method in providing value-based health care. Who benefits from the method—the health care system, the insurance company, and/or the patient?Articulate how individual case management is critical to a hospital’s long-term survival. In what way does this practice protect your patients while keeping your doors open for business?What are the ethical pitfalls to be aware of in performing these types of quality reviews? What must health care managers be aware of in terms of ethical pitfalls and also potential unintended negative consequences?5 pages requiredSOURCES:Baker, J. (2018). Improving quality of care through utilization management [Video file]. Retrieved from, S. (2017). Is that test necessary? The key to laboratory utilization management.The Journal of Medical Practice Management: MPM, 33(3), 160-164. Retrieved from theTrident Online Library.Desai, S., Gruber, P. F., Eiting, E., Seabury, S. A., Mack, W. J., Voyageur, C., . . . Terp, S. (2017). The effect of utilization review on emergency department operations. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 70(5), 623-631.e1. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.El-Othmani, M. M., Sayeed, Z., Ramsey, J. A., Abaab, L., Little, B. E., & Saleh, K. J. (2019).The joint utilization management program: Implementation of a bundle payment model andcomparison between year 1 and 2 results. The Journal of Arthroplasty, 34(11), 2532-2537.Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.Parast, M. M., & Golmohammadi, D. (2019). Quality management in healthcareorganizations: Empirical evidence from the Baldrige data. International Journal of ProductionEconomics, 216, 133-144. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.Suklar, S. (2018). Quality assurance system at primary level of healthcare. Izzivi Prihodnosti, 3(1), 21-53. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.Wakefield, E., Keller, H., Mianzo, H., Nagaraj, C. B., Tawde, S., & Ulm, E. (2018). Reductionof health care costs and improved appropriateness of incoming test orders: The impact ofgenetic counselor review in an academic genetic testing laboratory. Journal of GeneticCounseling, 27(5), 1067-1073. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.

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