case analysis full sentence outline

A full-sentence outline helps you create the structure of your paper and the topic sentences of your paragraphs at one time. Think of this document as your blueprint for the final paper. By approaching the outline in this way, you can more easily move paragraphs and edit the flow of the paper before you have written the full paper. This makes editing for information flow easier.

Create a full-sentence outline for your midterm case analysis, which is due at the end of Module Four. Each sentence acts as a topic sentence for a new paragraph in your paper. The entire paper should be outlined using this method. This will allow your instructor to provide feedback to you about the information flow in your paper.


Contemporary ethics theories are more relevant in today’s global environment than traditional philosophical ethics theory.

  1. Contemporary normative ethics is gaining more traction in business ethics discussions because of the way that it approaches ethics.
    1. Application of normative ethics requires a reevaluation of the questions we ask as business managers.

Your outline must use APA formatting, and be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, with one-inch margins. Include a title page for your assignment. Compose your work using a word processing program (or other software as appropriate) and save it frequently to your computer.

Note: The Sentence Outline will be used to develop a paper at a later date based on the information below and the attachment.

Use your full-sentence outline and associated feedback from Module 2 to begin the full development of this case analysis.

Next, reflect upon the following in preparation for composing a case analysis:

  1. What recommendations do you have for human resource departments to deal with generational differences in employees’ work ethics?.
  2. Are Sheehy’s experiences similar to yours? Are the work ethics of your co-workers illustrative of views Sheehy reported? How do you explain the similarities or differences?
  3. If you were a manager whose employees acted in the way Sheehy described, what would you do and say to these employees?
  4. To what do you attribute the differences in employees’ attitudes toward work?
  5. Do you believe ethics training for employees will change their behavior? Why or why not?

Then, develop your case analysis using the five following sections:

  • Section 1: Introduction and situational analysis. Describe the ethical issues identified in the Sheehy case. Be sure to give appropriate background information. This is also where you do your situational analysis – identify factors related to the individual(s) involved, company and managerial practices and policies, external factors such as economic pressure, and any other aspects of the situation that you believe helped create the behavior described by Sheehy.
  • Section 2: Stakeholder analysis. Identify the key stakeholders and how they are potentially impacted by the behavior Sheehy experienced with co-workers. Note that stakeholder analysis is particularly pertinent to the consequentialist approach, and that one of the challenges is in estimating positive and negative impacts on relevant stakeholders.
  • Section 3: Analysis based on ethical theories. Analyze the ethical issues using a relevant theoretical perspective from this module’s material.
  • Section 4: Conclusion and recommendations. Up to now, you have been analyzing and comparing options. Here is where you pull together the different threads of your analysis. Make recommendations about how the stakeholders can work together in an ethical way. Make sure your justifications clearly flow from your analysis. Make managerial and policy recommendations that would provide guidance to help those facing a similar dilemma. Be sure your responses can be applied to a variety of occupations, not solely to a fast-food industry.
  • Section 5: References. List at least three sources (other than the articles provided, your text, or the case article) where you located additional information about ethical issues.

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