career goal paper

fir the career goal I am a marketing major so i would like to work for a marketing firm and build my career in that field.

Learning is a lifelong process. Our environment changes over time and we need to continuously update our knowledge, skills, and abilities to keep us up to date.

  1. Think about your career goals. Where do you want to be career-wise five years from now?
  2. What knowledge, skills, and abilities will you need to acquire or improve in order to get there? (You may need to talk to other people in the profession in order to answer this. If so, cite them in your paper. Let your reader know who they are and their job title.)
  3. How will you make sure that your skill set will remain relevant and appropriate for the career you desire?
  4. What’s your plan for continuing to learn the knowledge, the skills, and the abilities you need to succeed? Be specific.

There is no page minimum nor maximum for this assignment. Please answer it fully. Keep in mind, this is all about you. Most people do not spend enough time planning their own future. This assignment is an opportunity for you to do a bit of that. This should be a document you plan to keep so you can refer to it in the next 5 years as you continue to hone your knowledge, skills, and abilities to reach your short-term and long-term career goals.

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