can self talk be about negative thoughts or positive thoughts

This assignment is designed to examine self-esteem and positive self-talk. This assignment should be a minimum of one page, double spaced, 12 point font.

Topic: A positive self-worth means seeing and accepting both our strengths and weaknesses. Typically, we are aware of our weaknesses but rarely balance this perception with recognition of our strengths and weaknesses. you will list 3 strengths and 2 possible weaknesses that you possess.

Do you engage in “self-talk” about your weaknesses or do you mentally talk to yourself about your strengths?

Negative or critical “self talk” can damage self-esteem so you should focus on the positive strengths each day.

How will you promote positive self-talk to yourself?

In many cultures, one may not feel supported when wanting to seek professional help if dealing with mental issues.

What is your opinion of reaching out for help- do you see it as a personal strength or weakness? Who would you talk to if you needed a positive perspective?

Your response should be thorough and complete.

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