business questions 2 0

Answer the following questions


1.    In a visual way, develop a timeline of the evolution of business in the United States.

·       You may be creative in this, but you must be able to submit your timeline electronically (in a Microsoft Office or other application).

·       For each era in the evolution of business, list at least two ways we have improved the way people do business now as compared with the previous era.


2.    Select a business that you might be interested in starting at some point in your future career.

·       Describe the business in one or two sentences.

·       Describe the five factors of production for this business that are required for this business’s success. Limit your answers to one or two sentences for each factor.

·       Discuss briefly your thoughts about the potential supply and demand for your goods or services of this business.

o   What factors will increase demand?

o   What factors will decrease demand?

o   What factors will increase supply?

o   What factors will decrease supply?


3.    For each of the six business environments, identify at least one potential problem that your business may face. Explain this problem in one or two sentences.

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