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Please read Chapters 7 (The Security Survey: An Overview) and 9 (The Survey Report) in our textbook. Once again, I’d also like you to refer back to the Primer on Security Risk Management and this time, focus on “vulnerabilities.” In addition, read this two-part article by Sean Ahrens, CPP, CSC on Facility Vulnerability Analysis. Note that he refers to the term “Security Vulnerability Analysis,” but what he really means is a “Risk Assessment.” (Sometimes words DO matter.) Other than that foible, it is an excellent article that should be of great benefit to you.

Then view the handout on Risk Assessment Methodologies, and conduct some outside research on “personnel security” and the critical role of security awareness and training. Here are a couple of articles on that subject:

Awareness Training: Strengthen Your Weakest Link

Security Awareness Training from Rapid7

Although they focus heavily on Cyber Security Training, the information applies equally to more comprehensive security awareness training programs. Read them with an open mind and consider the bigger picture.

Planning, Management and Evaluation are important elements of a security program (and a CSO or Security Director’s responsibility). Here is a brief overview to read.

In terms of our industry sector for this week, read these two articles on hospital security. Once again, they are slightly dated, but contain excellent and relevant information. I especially like the fact that “Security: Stat,” an excellent article, was written by a nurse rather than a security professional.

Security: Stat

Hospitals: How to Assess Resource Allocation


Please participate actively in the following discussion this week:

In today’s world, organizations have a lot to worry about. There is the threat of terrorism, the ongoing fear of cyber attacks, corporate scandals and a rash of mass shootings/assaults. Add to this, the fact that women generally seem to have gained equality in the professional workplace. After all, we had two prominent women running for President of the United States in the most recent election. One was formerly the CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world and the other was formerly the Secretary of State as well as a US Senator.

In light of these points, is the issue of sexual harassment still a relevant concern in the typical workplace? Why or why not? To what degree should businesses/organizations dedicate valuable resources to training, prevention and preparedness to the issue of sexual harassment? Finally, does “security” have a role in all this or is it purely a “Human Resources” issue?

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