business ethics philosophy paper

Before anything this paper must be from scratch and the topic already been chosen I attached it
I also attached powerpoint that may help you

Paper guideline

The paper must include an introductory paragraph, which provides an overview of your paper.

This paragraph should specify what topic you will discuss, what literature you will cover, and the conclusion that you will draw. Think of the introductory paragraph as a road map to your entire paper, which provides an overview of what’s to come in the rest of the paper. The body of your paper should set out the topic/issue that you will address, and provide an argument (or arguments) in support of a position on this topic/issue.-

The body of your paper can include exposition of literature that we have covered in class, or exposition from outside sources that you find yourself. -However, if you use outside sources, you must still keep the exposition to no more than 50%of your paper. A philosophy paper involves developing your own line of argument on a particular topic; it is NOTa book report.)

-Be sure that you provide a clear line of argument. Many arguments can be boiled down to 3 or 4 or 5 premises and a conclusion. However, a lot can be said about, and in support of, each premise. So it may be that the argument you provide in your paper can be boiled down to a 3 or 4 premise argument. But the paper itself may contain extended discussion of this argument and its premises. And of course, you are also welcome to offer more than one argument in the course of your paper.)

The key is to always think of your argument in premise/conclusion format.

Make sure that the conclusion of your argument follows from the premises that you rely on.

-Even though the argument of your paper may not abbreviated in premise/conclusion format, it often helps to write out your argument this way on a separate sheet of paper, in order to examine it and make sure that it works (is sound or cogent). The paper must also include a concluding paragraph, which states what you have done in your paper. This paragraph should briefly summarize what you have argued in your paper and state the conclusion(s) that you have drawn.

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