Choose a healthcare topic that interests you. It can be any topic of your choice but must be related to healthcare or the healthcare professions. During this course, you will be researching this topic and writing a formal paper about it. For this week’s discussion, we will do step 1: Pick and state your topic. Then explain why you have chosen it and how it relates to healthcare. Your discussion board posting should reflect the correct tone for academic threads.DQ1 UMBO –4. >>> those are accreditation codes to link the discussion with the program learning outcomes; No need to do anything with those.DQ1 PLG –2DQ1 CLO –2The intro post is not mandatory; it is an opportunity to get to know your classmates. :)This week’s assignment is due next Monday, April 5th and it has two parts; make sure to submit bothPart 1Part 1: An important behavior of successful students pertains to establishing a weekly study schedule. This may sound overly elementary, but, to the contrary, high-performing college students know exactly every hour of their day/week and how they will use their time. As part of this week’s assignment, please complete the attached ‘study calendar’ and describe how you will use it in a Word document to prepare for this and next week’s assignments. That is, what exactly will you do tomorrow, this weekend, next Monday to breakdown your work into manageable pieces at the right pace? What are your most ideal times in the upcoming week, based on your calendar template, when will you have blocks of extended time to work on your Aspen courses and weekly assignments? It is best to make those days/times “significant and protected time,” time when there are no interruptions, and you can totally focus on getting your schoolwork done. Hold preciously to these time blocks for school work. If so, you will produce higher quality work and be less stressed as you earn your degree at Aspen. Utilize the Study Calendar found in the Writing Center for this process. Click the calendar link here to downloadPart 2Part 2: To work on narrowing down your topic chosen in the discussion board, choose an invention strategy (clustering, listing, freewriting, or outlining) to brainstorm the subject you narrowed down. Complete the Invention Strategy you choose and attach your strategy work either in the same document of part 1 or submit it as a separate fileConclusion paragraph: Answer these questions in a well-developed paragraph discussion. Which strategy did you choose, and why? How did the strategy work for you? Will you use it again in the future? (place into the Part 1 document labeled Part 2).Assignment ExpectationsLength: Part 1 can be a list or a paragraph; Part 2 is the invention strategy work and conclusion paragraph answering the questionsStructure: Place all parts in one document if possible clearly marking them to show which part is being addressed; a copy of invention strategy work can be uploaded as a separate picture/document or placed in the same document as a picture or listReferences: N/APlease place all assignments into one paper.  The different questions should be clearly marked, so your professor knows which question you are addressing. Your paper should be two pages or less

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