book report review

Book REVIEW Mystery (story which has a puzzle to solve)
Write your completely original review. It should be in paragraph form, not a list of answered questions.
A: Introduction: One paragraph to include: Title (capitalized), author, publisher & date, # of pages, genre. A one sentence summary that includes the main idea.
B: Summary: One or two paragraphs that tell the story (include parts of the plot for fiction) or (order of events or basic outline for non-fiction).
C: Analysis: One paragraph showing what you noticed about the writing (not the story). It may be a particular writing style, use of literary elements, or something that influenced the writer. (This you may research, but write in your own words.)
D: Response: One paragraph telling your conclusion, how the book affected you. If you liked it, explain why. If you made a particular connection, explain.

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