Are you aware of your own prejudice and discrimination towards these two populations(foreign workers and visually impaired)? Think about how you acquired these prejudice and discrimination, and why couldn’t you see these discriminatory thoughts?

• Think of how society (and you as a member of society) worsen the disadvantages faced by individuals through our ACTS OF DISCRIMINATION that we did not know we have?

• List examples that illustrate our society’s discrimination.

• Pay particular attention to the impact of prejudice and discrimination on the healthcare of these two powerless population.

• This SHOULD be supplemented by published reports of discrimination (newspapers, journals or websites of local voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) such as TWC2 and Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC), Humanitarian Organisation for Migrant Economics (HOME) and others that you can find).

• Think of how ALL of society including ourselves are HURT by our own invisible discrimination against any less-privileged groups? Think of why should we change, and how by changing, it will be benefit us?

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