assignment 1474

  • Direction
  • outline and describe your adult work history (all jobs after high school); indicate the job duties, how you obtained the job, and what you liked and disliked about the job; level of job satisfaction; adult career issues related to family considerations or conflicts, stress, unemployment, disability, etc.
  • Determine whether each position held is a job, occupation, or part of your career. Please provide this information by each position held.

Jobs that I had since high school……… Please give a brief overview of each jobs listed below. I also answered the question that has to be identified in my response.

* Recreation Therapy——— (Career) Love …….. applied on the internet…….. Satisfied (currectly working in the field).

* Teacher Aid ——— (Job) disliked because kids are BAD ……… I know the principle……. not satisfied due to stress.

* Dialysis technician ——— (Occupation) Like …….Enjoyed help the clients…… satisfied….. left due to family issue.

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