article review 200

Topic Paper/Peer Reviewed Journal Article review instructions:

  1. Download a copy of the Sample Article Review (It is attached)
  2. Using the exact Sample Article Review format, write a review on 3 articles relating to your final research topic. Use the Library database or to find the 3 peer reviewed journal articles relating to your final research topic.
  3. Post your 3 articles to the week 4 Article review discussion (one Peer Reviewed Journal Article review per discussion )

These articles reviews plus the article reviews you did for me in the previous assignment will be used for the final exam which I had already sent to you previously that is due in a few weeks. Attached here is some more information about how to use this info for the final assignment:

Info for final Assignment:

Please note: The articles you select for this assignment must be Peer Reviewed Journal Articles. (* Peer Reviewed Journal Articles contain a study conducted by the authors, and are usually 6 to 15 or more pages in length, with headings matching the headings in the sample article review). If you are unsure about the articles you’ve selected, please contact either the a library representative, or your instructor.

*Industry Magazines, eZines, .coms, blog sites and wall street journal do not classify as peer reviewed journal articles for this assignment.


As soon as you receive your week 4 Article Review scores from the instructor, begin the process of putting your research paper together. (Visit week 6 research paper link for more details on the content sections for the paper.)

For example, title page, and the reference page for the 6 references you have thus far can be created. Also, the sampling comments and purpose statements for each article can also be put together to begin the process of building the review of literature. Feel free to compare and contrast Findings/Results between authors as you Analyze the material gathered from weeks 2 and 4.

From this point, you will use the material and exercises seen in weeks 5 and 6 to build a problem statement and from it determine the following:

  1. Have you seen a similar problem in your current review of literature? If so, what solutions could you adapt to resolve a similar issue?
  2. Is your problem actually an opportunity to implement something new? If so, are there solutions (or other industry examples) you could adopt as a recommended solution?
  3. Is your problem specific enough to run your own short survey? If so, build a pilot study (survey) using and send the survey link to a target audience (like the class, a LinkedIn or Facebook list), giving them 2 – 4 days to complete. Survey monkey populates results that you could first interpret and then incorporate into your final paper and final presentation (Summarization Required).

As the course moves through weeks 5 and 6, students will be exposed to solutions or models for operations management. You may be able to use these models as your recommended solution.


Please bear in mind:

It is also the expectation that additional references (beyond the 6 articles) are incorporated in your paper. The article review process is designed to assist students with the development of the journals that are ‘more difficult’ to process, but required for the research paper. Beyond the 6 articles, students may add certain OM modules, or other industry magazine content to their final submission.

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