article paper 3

Read the Internet-Based Exercises on page 287. Complete #3.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Violence Against Women Project has posted important information of the police response to domestic violence. Go to its Web site and conduct some research.

Find the training guidebook for police officers to explain federal laws for the interstate enforcement of protective orders: Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence: A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide to Enforcing Orders of Protection Nationwide. Hint: Type the title into the search bar on the home page

Summarize in a report what you think (without saying “I think”…write academically in 3rdperson only) is the most important information from this guidebook. Be thorough in your assessments. Give explanations that support your choice, use chapter support when you can (make sure to use in-text citations!).

Consider these questions to be SHORT ESSAY questions, NOT single sentence answers. You may cite the guidebook when necessary, but these topics should be discussed academically in your own words. I must be able to recognize that you read the guidebook.

Write Up Instructions:

Minimum length is 11/2 pages, Maximum length is 2 pages.

Write these answers in essay form.

This means that they should be complete thoughts, well considered, and grammatically correct.
Do NOT use “I” statements [“I think”, “We”, and “You” etc.]. This is first person writing and not acceptable for this assignment.

Papers must have:

  • 1” margins all around.
  • No name or running head (I’ll know whose assignment it is based on your turnitin account)
  • No cover page (totally unnecessary)
  • A title only with no major gaps in spacing.
  • Double spacing with 12-point font and use properly indented paragraphs
  • Cite source within the text when necessary, and on a separate sheet at the end of your write up under References
  • No bullet points or lists of any kind

Point Loss:

  • Incomplete (did not answer every part of the question) = 5-point deduction
  • Too short= 5-point deduction
  • Similarity rate of over 8%= 10-point deduction. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE BOOK.
  • Many grammatical/spelling errors= 3-point deduction
  • Not following required formatting= up to 5-point deduction (as this will affect length)
  • Not having a separate reference page= 3-point deduction
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