arth 204 film and american culture studies course discussion board question1

You are to watch two movies for the discussion this week. One is to be from the “Gender Roles in Movies prior to 1965” list. The other film is to be from the “Gender Roles in Movies 1980 and Beyond.” Both list are found above in the Week Four Content.

Once you have watch both films, answer the following questions.

Briefly describe the gender roles of each main character in each film (Examples: How masculine or feminine do see them; are they sexualized; are they looking for romance; are they “using” their sexual appeal to get something; are there any stereotypical gender role switches such as woman being the fighter, enjoy sports or “playgirl” or the man being mothering, looking to “settle down,” or domestic. Please be sure to identify the character (by either character name or actor/actress name) and indicate which movie they are in.

Is one or more characters, female or male, put on display at any time in the movie? If so, please describe and address if this display is important to the plot or narrative of the story. (Examples: Man taking of his shirt to show bare chest or a woman baring her legs or cleavage. The camera gives us a long look at the character or one character is taking a good look at another character. The purpose the shot is to give us an indication of the subject’s masculinity or femininity, or instill a sense of desire.)

How is the way the gender roles of the characters important to the ploy, narrative or letting the audience know more about the characters?

Compare and contrast how the gender characteristics are used in the two films?

How are the gender roles or characteristics of these two films in conflict and/or aligned with your own way of thinking about gender?

Respond to at least three (3) of your classmates.

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