art 9 text questions

Text Questions

Please complete the following questions. It is important that you use full sentences and present the questions and answers when you submit your work.

Submit the work as a file attachment. This means you complete all work in a word processing document (e.g., Microsoft Word) and attach the file using the dropbox tool. Use the Unit 9: Text Questions dropbox.

The answers to the Text Questions are worth 10 points.


Review Questions

  1. Identify and describe the characteristics of Baroque architecture.
  2. What is Tenebrism? Describe how and why it is used in paintings.
  3. What is Rococo art? What are the characteristics of this style?
  4. What was the Romantic Movement?
  5. What social factors influenced the development and direction of Baroque art?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Compare and contrast Bernini’s sculpture David to earlier sculptures of David. What are the similarities and differences?
  2. Compare and contrast Baroque and Rococo architecture. What are the similarities and differences?
  3. Choose one of the three Neoclassical paintings shown in the unit. Create an art critique of the painting in about two paragraphs.
  4. Compare and contrast Goya’s The Third of May, 1808 with Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People. What are the differences and similarities?
  5. How does the Pilgrimage to Cythera illustrate the Rococo style?

Discussion Questions

You should submit at least one full paragraph for each question.

1. In The Calling of Saint Matthew, which figure do you think is Matthew? Why?

2. Which of the styles discussed in the unit do you prefer? Why? (I chose naturalism, answer accordingly)

3. How did the arrival of Europeans affect art in the Americas?

4. Choose one piece of art from the unit. Identify at least three elements or principles of art in this piece of artwork. Discuss each element or principle and how it is used in the piece.

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