argumentative thesis paper revision

Assignment ContentYou composed a rough draft last week, and now it is important to review the content to determine whether you have conveyed the information that you intended. In addition to reviewing the effectiveness of the presentation of your argument and the support provided by your research, this assignment gives you the opportunity to ensure that in-text citations are included for any quoted or paraphrased material. You also have the opportunity to apply APA formatting conventions to your paper. This is the last step before completing final content revisions and submitting a final copy in Week 5.

  1. Review the
    APA Sample Paper for tips on APA formatting.

    Review your Argument Paper Rough Draft from Week 3, and compare the formatting to the APA Sample Paper.

    Revise your paper to include APA formatting as follows.

    • Ensure all margins, font, spacing, and general APA conventions are correct.
    • Review your title page and revise any formatting errors.
    • Review your level 1 headings.
    • Ensure the paper is written in the third-person perspective.
    • Ensure paraphrased and quoted material within the paper includes properly formatted in-text citations.
    • Review the reference page and revise any formatting errors within the citations.

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