argumentative synthesis assignment a mind divided

We have read a number of texts exploring how we think and how our thinking is usually distorted by bias. We have also read about the relationship between System 1 (the “elephant”), representing our immediate emotional responses, and System 2 (the “rider”), representing our analytical ability.Some of the writers have speculated on the way these two systems interact—or fail to interact—and how that relationship contributes to mistakes and bias.

We have also discussed the ways in which some of these texts enter into a conversation with each other.The basis of most academic writing is this kind of conversation, also called “synthesis.”

Your assignment is to
write a synthesis of your own by bringing several of these texts into a
conversation in order to
analyze a phenomenon you have observed and develop an argument about how the ideas about thinking are displayed in the phenomenon.

Haidt’s book focuses on how System 1 underlies all of our moral, religious, and political positions as well.Think about an issue or controversy you have observed and analyze how the thinking systems are displayed—is there a way for people to reach agreement or not?

*If you would like, I invite you to consider analyzing a cultural issue that I, as an American, may not be familiar with.

Length: 1200-1500 words (5-7 pages)

I want to write about the recent news of Dolce&Gabbana’s racist ads about Chinese people and how people have different reactions to such situation. Be sure to analyze it according to system 1 and 2.

The readings are attached as well as the link of the news…

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