application portfolio 1

collect popular press infomation that is relevant to Social Psychology. This project is an opportunity for you to apply the social psychological principles from class real world events and information. Be creative Social Psychology is everywhere. Your portfolio must include 5 example of Social Psychology concepts in the popular media. Your collection can be made up of newspaper articles, magazines articles, advertisements, comic strips, photograph, advice columns, video clips, song lyrics, or anything else pertaining to Social Psychology.

Each item in your portfolio should include: a picture or copy of the original source material ( e.g. the cartoons, article, etc ). You can either embed these images into the body of your paper or attach at the end. If you source is a video clip, please provide the web address for the video. You should also include complete information about the source ( e.g, the name of the publication, the date of the publication, page number, etc ) in your reference list if you use song lyrics, you must provide the text of the lyrics, the artist, the album title, and the release date.

A typed double spaced explanation of the concept being illustrated and the way in which the item relates to the concept. You should likely be able to do this in about a page for each source concept. I am looking for evidence that you understand the concept and that you can explain the links between your source material and that concept. You should use the material from the textbook reading when defining concepts. You should provide the proper citations from the textbook to support your explanations ( you may not include more than one example from a single chapter. Therefore, your portfolio should include five examples from five different chapters of the textbook).

Your portfolio explanations and citation information should be typed and double spaced. You should include a title page and a reference page. You may use any format that you like, as long as you include the appropriate reference for your examples and the appropriate text citations for your explanations. Spelling and grammar will count toward your grade. Paper should be saved in Microsoft Word.

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