anthropology writing 2 18

These response papers provide opportunities for discussion and critical analysis of current biological, cultural, and social issues related to human growth and development. Understanding human growth and development. This section begins by providing an historical overview of growth studies, focusing particular attention on developments during the 20th century.Reaction papers are only 3 pages long so writing should be concise and focused around a couple of main points. For this week, choose one of the articles attached to respond to. Word count: 800.

Option 1: Check E. 2005. Screen test: A new technique could allow doctors to spot hundreds of potential genetic problems in unborn babies. But is it too soon to put it to use? Nature 438: 733-734. (See attached file) And one 15 minutes video:…

Option 2: Johnson HM. 2003. Unspeakable conversations. The New York Times; 2/16/03. (See attached file)

Option 3: Weil E. 2006. A wrongful birth? The New York Times. 3/12/06. (See attached file)

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