answering 3 questions related to case write up assignment

Please you should have a great background about program management, otherwise do not waste my time and yours!

This is critical thinking assignment!

There is a case (7 Pages) you must read before answering these questions.

These are three questions:

  1. What are the goals of talent development in an organization from the perspective of the organization (employer) and the perspective of the employee? Do the goals always align? Do they in this case?
  2. Which of the two candidates should Erwell recommend as the new front-line coordinator? Support your decision. Consider how the profile of each candidate aligns with LHSC’s values (Table 1); and performance drivers (Table 2). You may want to add rows in each table. The tables are provided for illustrative purposes. Use this analysis, or one like it, to make and justify your decision.
  3. How would you present the decision to the two candidates – an offer to one and a rejection to the other?

I will upload the case when you agree with instructions!

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