answer the following essays 1

Essay Questions:

Answer all essays. Show that you understand the lecture material and required readings first. Then you may disagree or add material from your own research. Make sure you number each answer and identify each part of the question. (a,b). If you use quotes from different sources be sure to explain them in your own words. Proof-read your essays to avoid mistakes in spelling and grammar.

1. (a) Discuss the connection between political power and economic power.

(b) what is the evidence according to Domhoff that the upper-class dominates our political system?

2. Your instructor has asserted that all societies exhibit forms of inequality regarding wealth, power or status. What are some of the solutions in the reduction of economic inequality according to Professor Stiglitz, and your instructor? Can we adopt anything learned from Western Europe on this matter?

3. We as human beings are a product of genetics, our social environment and our ability to discriminate among the influences from our socialization. Illustrate that in determining who you are and how you got that way from your first writing assignment.

4. Theories in sociology have to be useful for our understanding of individual and society. Explain how functionalism and conflict theory are helpful to your understanding of the social order.

5. A common practice in sociology is to describe the American social class system as made up of three classes: upper-class, middle-class, and working class/lower class. Describe the differences between the three classes on criteria such as annual income and other relevant criteria.

6.Domhoff claims through his research that the upper=class dominates our political system. What is his reasoning and evidence to make that conclusion?

7. The instructor has conceptualized two different ideologies in America: Conservative versus Liberal. Has he correctly described the distinctions?

8. There are two models essentially which offer different views about the distribution of political power in America. Pluralism versus Power Elite. The instructor and others claim the power elite model is closer to the reality of politics. Would you agree?

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