answer interview questions 1

You should arrange to speak to the professional school counselor for approximately 30

minutes to one hour. You will be discussing the work setting, its mission and goals,

organization and structure, students served, and his/her position and job duties.

The content of your interview with this professional should allow you to create a final

report. The questions below provide a framework for your interview and will help in

creating a final report. This assignment should be an APA formatted word document between eight and ten pages.

Foundation of Comprehensive School Counseling Program

6. How does this program support the school’s academic mission?

7. What is your school counseling/educational philosophy?

8. What is the counseling theory or approach that you most closely follow?


9. How should I approach individual student planning as a future counselor?

10. How do you develop a positive relationship with students in individual counseling?

Small group counseling?

11. What can you tell me about developing transition plans?

12. How do you deliver college and career readiness and planning to the students on

your campus?


13. How do you divide your time between meeting the immediate needs of the students

and keeping up with the paperwork?

14. What technology applications do you see useful in your work?


15. How do you evaluate your school counseling program?

16. What do the most recent state standardized test results indicate about this school

district and this school?

17. What is your role regarding standardized testing?

Leadership and Advocacy

18. What does the word “leadership” mean to you? How does the word “leader” fit in to

your role as a school counselor? If the school counselor does not consider

himself/herself a leader, ask: What would you like for your role as a leader in the

school to look like? How do you advocate for your profession as a school counselor

on your campus and in your district?

19. How do you see the role of the school counselor in advocating for students? Tell me

about your community resource list. Which resources do you commonly refer

student and their families?


20. What is the role of the school counselor in relation to teachers, parents, the

community, administrators, and other counselors?

21. How does the counselor’s role impact school climate, student success, and diverse

student populations on campus?

22. How do you handle an irate parent?

23. How do you handle a passive or uninvolved parent?

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