answer four students comment

Student 1:

I think a high level of education should be provided to the world so that we can have people making educated, globally conscious decisions. It’s  troubling to know most of the world has never been educated on the things we’ve been learning in this class. If we are allowed to waste on this Earth, we should know what our responsibilities are. You would never get your driver’s license without knowing the rules and precautions/unsafe things that can happen on the road upon driving. Driving isn’t essential but consuming is, that’s how we survive. We need to know how to properly dispose along the way and properly consume.

Student 2:

People all around the globe must have knowledge in what is happening. First of all, people with big influence MUST make us understand what is at stake. Mass-extinction. I will suggest having a class early in elementary school where we talk about traits and ways of life we have to follow. Being a responsible citizen is something we all have to do, not only in America but in the whole world. Something else we need to start looking with good eyes is the reduction on meat consumption since is going to be key for us to adapt to a more sustainable way of living. 

Student 3:

Climate change really affect everybody in this day and age. As we have learned, our world is becoming warming than before, and it is caused not only because of nature, but also because human activities. Human activities should be more eco- friendly. From my perspective, people should have some basic knowledge that what people can do in order to reduce the climate changes which caused by human activity. For example, carpooling is a way to reduce the greenhouse gas. 

STudent 4:

I believe that a person should first accept that climate change is occurring and become more aware of their contribution to this problem. Higher recorded temperatures and unexplainable weather patterns should be  major alerts to consider and take into consideration. In my opinion, individuals should opt to pay for a carbon tax in order to restore forests and wetlands as a measure to combat climate change and not only agree that it’s happening.

Each student comment must be separated paragraph.

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