answer a question about unemployment situation and reply two peers opinion

1. Answer the question first as the initial post, the post should be 150-200 words.
Is the Unemployment Situation Improving? Based on the attached article from The Washington Post,jobless claims dropped significantly and continue to drop. The article offers different theories about what drives this. Do you think any of the theories have merit? Do you have a different explanation? Do you think the overall U.S. economy is improving? Why or why not? Please provide support for your opinion. Based on what you think is happening to the U.S. economy, what do you think will happen to interest rates?

WeeklyClaimsJan242013.jpgThis graph is related to
The Washington Post article

2. Reply and make comments on two posts from my classmates, use the format such as: Hi, XXX. Nice post! …. Each comment should be 50-100 words

1)Dragon Che: I believe that the US economy is improving. Today Bloomberg stated that the Jobless rate hit 48 year low. Unemployment has fell to 3.7 percent the lowest since December 1969. Along with the decline in unemployment the hourly wage climbed 2.8 percent, lower than from projections early this year of 2.9 percent. Interest rates are going to raised again this year which would be the 3rd time this year. This shows that the American economy is growing forward. The Feds wouldn’t raise interest rates if they didn’t think their citizens were able to handle the hike in rates.…
2)Zhenghui Zhang: I think the US economy is growing, there are several reasons, maybe after Trump became the president, there are more job created because he is a great business man. The United State unemployment rate has fallen to 3.7 percent. That would influence the US economy dramatically. Also, in Boston, a new Casino was build named Encore, this Casino has provided 5000 employment place. Economy grows and people have jobs, that’s a good thing. Another reason is after the hurricane left, buildings are rebuild and jobs are needed. Amazon has also increased their minimum wage to 15%. Although the minimum wage employees are less than 5% in US, the US economy is truly in a phase of growing.……

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