answer 5 questions in different 3 terms in history

2 pages , double space


Mitchell Palmer

The Case Against the “Reds” (1920)

  • How does Palmer describe the “real menace of communism”? What American institutions does he believe are threatened by radicals?
  • Who does Palmer charge with spreading Communist ideas in America? What kind of language does he use to describe these people? Who does he think will be particularly susceptible to the “revolutionary tenets” of the Communist International?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt,

Annual Address to Congress: “The Four Freedoms” (1941)

  • What adjective did Roosevelt repeatedly use to describe those nations battling the Axis Powers? Do you think this term was always justified?
  • According to Roosevelt, why was American security threatened by a war being waged in a different hemisphere? What must Americans do to avert the danger they faced? What kinds of sacrifices did Roosevelt urge Americans to make?

U. S. Supreme Court,

Brown v. Board of Education (1954)

  • In 1954 the United States was in the midst of a cold war and less than ten years removed from World War II. How might this have affected the Court’s judgment about the role of education in American society?

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