annotated bibliography and final paper topic choice

no plagiarize, spell check, and check your grammar. Please use the 8 reference below. Be mindful of grammar.

This final paper preparation assignment will require the following:

  • State your topic choice for the Final Paper and explain why you chose it. (1 paragraph) – Non Verbal Communication
  • Provide a brief summary of what you plan to research about your topic. For example, in-depth paper might require regarding the pros and cons of INFJ MBTI personality type in groups compared to ISTJ personality types in groups, while an in-breadth topic might examine 16 MBTI personality types interacting in groups. (1 paragraph)
  • Explain what you hope to learn through the experience. (1 paragraph)
  • Compile an annotated bibliography, which will consist of no fewer than eight scholarly resources that are less than 6 years old, with the exception that you may include no more than two older articles that are widely recognized as seminal or classic works. Review the following guidelines regarding how to create an annotated bibliography in APA style, 6th edition:


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