annotaed bibliograpgy on articles of eco spirtuality 1

students can explore topics related to climate change, ethics, radical ecology, Indigenous ways of knowing, eco spirituality, eco social work and research, sustainable social work practice (individuals, families, and communities), international sustainable development, or environmental disaster relief work.

After choosing an area to explore in more depth, students should select 5 academic sources through which to learn more deeply about the topic. Academic resources can include chapters in books, articles, refereed journal articles, videos, and credible online sources.

For this assignment, each student is required to complete the following tasks:

  1. Properly reference each source.
  2. Briefly describe the key content (points, themes) in each source.
  3. Critically comment/analyze on the content on the material (for example, what you agreed with, did not agree with, and why).
  4. Reflect on the implications of the material for sustainable social work practice.
  5. Following the review and analysis of the articles chosen, briefly summarize your overall learning.

Note- kindly see example source of annotated bibliography in attachments. 5 Articles on eco-spirtuality are attached, there is one power point presentation on annotated bibliography for help.

Sorry can not upload anumore files, will be sending direction documents to slected tutor

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