ancient near eastern gods goddesses and monsters

Just because it’s the fall semester, which includes my favorite holiday, Halloween…

We’ve read some of the mythological stories from the ancient Near East, including gods, goddesses and — monsters! (Ishtar and Enlil and Isis, oh my!).

You may have noticed that mythology is very big in our culture these days (Thor, for example, in the Marvel Universe films; the books of Richard Riardon).

Can you give an example of a god, goddess or monster from the ancient Near East in the literature or film of today? Describe how the god or monster is used, what the format is (literature, film, etc.), where it came from, etc.

Write at least one paragraph describing the god, goddess or monster, of at least five sentences. What culture/civilization/mythology/religion does it come from? What does it looks like? What are its powers? It’s myths? It’s stories?

Write a at least one paragraph, of at least five sentences, describing how the god goddess or monster is used in today’s culture — the film, the book. If in a film, who directed it? Who starred in it? How is the god or monster used or featured? If in a book, who wrote it? How is the god or monster used or featured?

If you quote or paraphrase from a research source other than the course material, use an informal citation (author, title, page or website) in parentheses. Failure to do this is plagiarism, and will earn 0 points.

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