aha moment

Please make sure to use apa format and total word count is 250. Please use scholarly sources and please cite source (4). Please make sure response is original there will be a plagiarism scan. My AHA moment was discovering that discovery a better way to shop and never paying full price for items or a better way to process orders at work and still meet production requirements.( Iam a true extravert) There will be to chapters to refer to with this assignment.Chapter 5 is a great chapter with lots of cool information about individual behavior, personality traits, emotional intelligence, etc.

i’m going back to the AHA for this last unit. Discuss your AHA moment from the chapters for Unit 8. This is not a summary of the course or a review of prior Units. NOTE: I will also take a “Super AHA” where you can discuss the most significant AHA you’ve had during the course. This is NOT just reposting what you did in an earlier AHA. If you choose this option, you would need to explain the significance of this Super AHA in more detail incorporating more than one Unit’s material.

The “AHA” moment is a moment of sudden insight or discovery; however, it is NOT restating or summarizing the chapter. This is not a chapter summary at all! This is an extension of what you have read in UNIT 8. The AHA should be something that made you THINK and then your blog will be the result of your THINKING and your outside research related to the THINKING. You can extend the discussion of the chapter through something that you wish to challenge, or provide a detailed example, or to extend, or ask an important question, or update, compare it to something from the earlier chapters, etc. I would like to see more than something simple like, “Extroversion sounds like me.”

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