aggression and argumentation

For this assignment, you will apply these concepts by analyzing a clip from the most recent Presidential election. In this clip, Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton debate one another concerning how the United States should approach the subject of Immigration. Watch this video and, using your class notes and course readings from Unit 2 (Trait-Like Factors that Affect Public Messages), respond to the following:

1. Identify three points during the video at which either candidate attacked the other’s position

2. Identify one point at which each candidate attacked the other’s self-conceptduring the video (you should identify two attacks total – one attack for eachcandidate)

3. In class, we learned that quickly running out of arguments increases our likelihood of engaging in verbally aggressive behaviors. Discuss two ways in which you can prepare yourself ahead of time to engage in argumentation (rather than verbal aggression) about controversial issues.

You may access the video clip at the following link:

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