add 3 full pages to the attached word file that named quot final report quot

I have a project with one of my classmate to Make ABAYA. I have already start writing the final report of this project as I wrote 2 pages that in the attached file “Final Report” . Your task here is to add 3 more pages to the 2 pages that I wrote in the word file that named “Final Report. Also, please do editing and grammar correction to what I wrote if needed.


– Complete each point highlighted in yellow by writing details related to the point.

– Edit and revise or do grammar correction to my writing that under each point highlighted in blue.

– Make sure that the entire work include what I have wrote at least 5 pages full.

Additionally, I have attached 4 files which is : the Final Report, all previous reports, outline, and the Project Description to give you a clear picture about this final report of our project. These 4 files files named as following:

– Final Report

– Project Progress Reports

– Outline

– Project – Description

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything unclear or if you have any question.

This is must be done maximum within 12 hours or less.

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