abc x model

This assignment does not need to be in “essay” form, but must address “A”, “B”, “C” and “X” as explained in the ABC-X model (see lecture 1 and textbook chapter 1). For “B” and “C”, You should always list and describe at least 5-10 possible resources and 5-10 possible perceptions. You can list more. Your ABC-X model should also discuss resiliency, as is shown in syllabus example.

â—¦See syllabus (P. 10-12) for example of ABC-X model assignment

This assignment requires you to think, brainstorm, and apply the knowledge you have learned. Your work should demonstrate that you understand the concept of the model. In this assignment, you should use specific terms and information from the chapter and lecture. You should CITE where any applicable sources. While there will be variation in each student’s response, your work should demonstrate that you have an understanding of the terms and information presented in the course work.

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