a narrative in mla format 500 words the theme is money cannot buy happiness


The student introduces the subject being described, creating a sense of context and import that builds up to the thesis statement.


The essay asserts the overall significance of the story it tells. It defines for the reader, whether at the beginning or end of the essay, the meaning of import illustrated by the story arc. This includes defining the time, place, and people involved in the story.

20%Narrative Structure

Over the course of the paper the student conveys a sense of action or sequence, a beginning, middle, and end, that demonstrates the claims of the thesis statement.

20% Descriptive language

The student demonstrates improvement from Essay 1 by attending to any vague language issues marked by the instructor. In other words, if the student has a tendency to use “this” as a noun (“This shows…”), he or she in this essay has made an effort at more specific or sensory word choice (“This boondoggle,” “This disaster of a date.…”).


The essay conveys a sense of control over the emotional effect the story aims to achieve. The tone may be comic, melancholy, exuberant, or romantic, but regardless of specific emotion the student creates a mood that is appropriate to the subject matter.

5%The student avoids straining to “wrap up” the essay by summarizing what he/she has already said. Instead, the paper aims for either a sense of emotional climax or denouement in its ending: it avoids saying “This incident changed me forever” but instead dramatizes the effect on the story’s characters.

10%Grammar and Punctuation Improvement

The essay demonstrates a commitment to correcting grammar issues identified in Essay 1. The student has learned to avoid any proofreading mistakes to which he/she is prone.

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