a 500 700 word essay describing professional experiences and or goals as they relate to the pursuit of the phd in business administration and also answer of interview questions for phd in business 1

1. I need to write 500-700 word essay describing professional experiences and/or goals as they relate to the pursuit of the PHD in business administration.

I have more than 5 years of professional experience as a process analyst..Below are my job duties at work:-

ï‚· Lead efforts to identify, assess, and document existing business processes along with developing a process to support ongoing maintenance as it relates to changes.

 Work closely with department’s management team to identify improvement opportunities. Expectation is to provide recommendations around the business process changes as well as advise business on options, risks, and costs.

ï‚· Lead and manage projects using the organizations PMO tools/structure while working alongside management staff to support and implement improvement opportunities. This would include gathering of requirements, development of specifications, and assist with documentation of new process/procedures, facility testing, and training and user acceptance.

ï‚· Conduct research to evaluate and define approach for business problems. Translate business needs into business process solutions.

ï‚· Analyze impact of proposed solution across the business, develop use cases, process maps, and procedural documents that explain/demonstrate business or process perspective in reviews to stakeholders.

ï‚· Perform in-depth data analysis to size and/or validate problem statements and solutions.

ï‚· Lead or assist in the test or pilot of proposed solutions by ensuring requirements documentation can be easily translated into test plans, and ensure that the proper testing plans have been completed.

ï‚· Facilitate implementation of new processes through training sessions, demos, and the development of appropriate documentation.

ï‚· Develop post-implementation verification plans and oversee regular assessments of new processes against intended objectives and success criteria.

ï‚· Customer oriented attitude and ability to prioritize and manage multiple time-sensitive projects with a sense of urgency.

ï‚· Lead, facilitate, and/or participate in compliance work groups or committees as requested.

2. I also Want to answer following questions to get admission in PHD in business at university of the cumberlands. So answer as per my above job title and you can put your thoughts on research interests in area of business. These answer should be minimum 125 word answer for each question so total minimum 500 words.

PhD Business Questions:-

  1. What are you research interests in the area of business? Why are you inspired to research in this area, and why do you think it is important to research in this area?
  2. Why did you select to pursue a doctoral program in Business? Why did you select University of the Cumberlands?
  3. As an individual, what are your strengths and weaknesses? How will these impact you as a doctoral business student?
  4. Where do you see the practice of business heading, and where do you see yourself in leadership after obtaining a doctorate from UC impact your contributions to the practice of business?
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