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Discussion Question: You are the security manager for a small/medium size electronics firm and have been given the authority to write a security officer contract to hire up to 20 personnel. These personnel are already state certified as armed guards. What additional areas do you want to have your new officers trained on prior to arriving at your facility? Address a minimum of three requirements you would like to see your guards have before showing up for work.

Written and verbal communication:

Oftentimes the security staff needs to complete reports and communicate situations that will involve others outside of the department. Human Resources, legal and senior leadership in various departments reply on the eyes and ears of the security staff to report important information. The written reports of security officers will become center stage in legal cases that will either protect the organization or expose them for civil and criminal actions. At the same time it’s important that security officers are able to effectively communicate verbally. This is important on many levels including while talking with co- workers and leadership in day to day interactions and also when called to testify in court or dispositions.

Experience in Access Control and Camera Systems:

In a technology heavy security environment, companies and security forces reply on complex technology security programs. Access control and camera systems are commonly used in medium and large businesses to help supplement the security officer programs. Though the systems vary from business to businesses, the overall theory of these systems remain the same. Understanding how these tools work and can be used are beneficial to the security department. A good understanding of these basis computer systems and running reports is necessary to the successes of the team or department.

Experience working for a large organization:

A security staff of twenty armed officer’s suggest that this organization is fairly large and will have a large employee population. Compared with police officers, security guard training and licensing standards are not well established and in some contexts there are no regulations for security guards( Nalla &Crichlow, 2017). Experience and formal education will be very important for a new team but other qualities will be needed. When hiring a completely new team or security force, it would important to have experiences team members working in this type of environment. A careful blend of education and real boots on the ground experiences will provide the organization with the skills necessary to reduce the organizational risk. A well rounded team will help ensure a talent rich department. Formal education gives a team the fresh blood and clear eyes to a situation; however experience coupled with education will result in a team built for success.

I have witnessed security managers that hired security staff that relied on retired law enforcement, former military and other sources of experience to create a team. Education and experience both have a place in a department as a whole. Blending of team members that understand and respect the qualities of each group is important. Organization leaders must ensure they have the necessary personnel to assess, plan, and manage the security operations for their organization (Nalla &Crichlow, 2017). As a manager, it becomes necessary to look at the total program and not focuses on a group of potential hires. Each group has something special that they bring to the table.


Nalla, M., & Crichlow, V. (2017). Have the standards for private security guards become more stringent in the post 9/11 era? An assessment of security guard regulations in the US from 1982 to 2010. Security Journal, 30(2), 523–537. https://doi.org/10.1057/sj.2014.21

(Response 2 need 250 word response with a cited source)

The state requirements for Texas break down into three separate categories: II, III, IV. The level II is a training course that is provided to every officer and is the beginner/basic level qualification. The level III is a training course that is a mimum of 45 hours and a test, which includes course of fire (DPS, 2018). The level IV training course is a 15 hour course that also includes a test. For contractors in my state, I would prefer for all of the contractors to have the IV training certification. This would ensure there was adequate time and training completed in order to fufill security officer duties. The age limit in Texas to be a security officer is only 18 years. If an individual applying were an 18 year old with the basic level qualifications it would be extremely difficult to be assured he had enough experience to know what he was doing. The hypothetical company is a small/medium size firm so, to an extent it would be a place to learn. However, if they had additional qualifications and training it would be easier to on board them and have the trust in their potential. I would also like for the individuals hired to have military experience if possible. The amount of training military members go through would aid in their knowlegde of protection. In Texas, military experience can count towards the training requirements to become an officer. Military members have been or are still qualified on multiple weapons but at the very least are qualifed on one. They are more likely to be comfortable with using and understanding weapons than someone who did one test for the qualification course and goes through continuation every now and then. Lastly, I would like there to be a degree or prior experience in the individual’s background. I think the courses to become a security officer do provide a slight foundation for individual’s to understand the security realm. However, I think in order for the contract security force to understand how to integrate and operate effectively, there needs to be a solid foundation of understanding or experience. Ideally, I would like each individual to have at least 5 years of experience or if they have less time it could be supplemented by a degree/schooling.

Early on into my security career, I only had to review contracts for a few things and I never really looked at the details too much. After learning a bit more, I now know that it is imperative that the description be as clear and thorough as possible. The last thing any company needs is a group of twenty newly established security guards who don’t understand security or feel comfortable holding a weapon. Hiring individuals with a background in security would alleviate much of the risk for the company becuase it would be a well-developed team.

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(My initial response)

Additional areas do you want to have your new officers trained on prior to arriving at your facility

Before my new officers report to work, I would like them to have thorough training on how to write reports. Equipping my security team with excellent report writing skills will be essential just in case an incident occurs at the firm. However, report writing should be every week with or without an event occurring. The written report will help summarize what the guard experienced on his shifts, including any unusual activities that he might have noticed (Broder& Tucker, 2011). The officers will also be required to write a maintenance report. The primary purpose of the maintenance report will be to help in ensuring that all the equipment of security is always in the best condition. All these can only be possible if the team receives proper training in report writing skills. By training on report writing, the firm will be able to run smoothly as any unusual activity will be noticeable as soon as it occurs.

Secondly, I would want my new officers to have thorough training on first aid and handling emergencies. Security officers who handle guns and weapons undergo lots of comprehensive training, unlike those who are not armed. They usually learn forced and safety laws. However, it will be my responsibility to ensure that they all the necessary knowledge in matters of first aid and emergency handling. The officers should always familiarize themselves with First Aid policies of employers, which include accident reporting. It is also the officer’s responsibility to keep unnecessary individuals away and protect the firm’s belongings during an accident. It is the job officers to respond to emergencies, and that is why it will be essential to train them on First Aid before they can arrive at my facility.

Address a minimum of three requirements you would like to see your guards have before showing up for work.

Before showing up for work, I would expect the new officers to present an electronic fingerprint imaging with us on the first day. The fingerprints will be able to help determine whether the officer has any criminal record in the state. The print will also help in running a background check on the officer. It is also very essential for a security officer to give his fingerprints at the firm as some of them will be influential on the regular business of the firm. Secondly, security officers must present their license before coming to work (Jacobs &Crepet, 2007). Submitting their licenses will indicate that they are of the right age, they underwent a drug test and passed it, and their criminal record is clean. Since they are armed guards, their license qualifications are generally stricter as they also have to get the license for their firearms.

Lastly, I would expect the officers to have an undergraduate degree. As much as most employers usually prefer guards with postsecondary degrees, I would require my officers to have an undergraduate degree in law enforcement or criminal justice. I need well equipped personnel with both physical and educational strengths for my firm. I do not mean that those with postsecondary degrees are not well equipped; they are just not of my preference. The security officers with undergraduate degrees have been taught thoroughly on courses like security management and investigation techniques, which make them more suitable for my firm (Lees, 2012).

(Response 3 250 word response one cited source to the teacher posed question below)

Why is a degree important to you? Would you ever make an exception to this requirement?

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