732 organization behaviour week 2 3

OK good job …. now for the next time … its up to you if you wana do the hall curse and finish it all in one week . or send it every Monday the hall week assignment for it .

so next Monday” week 2 and 3 ” ( September 10 ) i want :

– asestment number 4-7-8

– i need two news letter ( news letter 1 : as u did beore , but now its form the book , part 2 -/2 diversity… 3- perfection-: pick any topic and write few

paragraph about it

news letter 2 : as u did beore , but now its form the book , part 2 -/ 4 emotion- motivation 6- motivation and performance : pick any topic and write few

– i need two reflection

note: please check the attachment for ( the wekly engagment ) to knwo witch part of the book yo uneed to read and do the news letter and statments and the book

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