5 paragraph essay on novel a mighty long way on racism in the south

In two discussion board posts, you have discussed the impact of racism on Carlotta Walls Lanier and the Little Rock Nine. In some areas of the South like Mississippi and Alabama, bombings and attacks killed civil rights workers or innocent black children. As Mississippi activist Anne Moody stated in a 1985 interview, “you don’t know the effect it has on you mentally. It wear; it tears down your heart.” In chapters 10-17, LaNier details the impact violence and attacks had on her. In chapter 15, LaNier writes that “burying a painful past doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve moved beyond it. It’s often still there, simmering, waiting for some unexpected moment to erupt, spewing forth every hurtful thing that you thought had gone away.” For this 4-5 paragraph essay, you will focus on chapters 11-17.

In paragraphs 2 and 3, explain how significant events shaped LaNier’s later life, notably in chapters 13-15. Discuss at least FOUR events in which she details how her efforts to desegregate Central High School altered her goals and focus. Remember that many children comprised a core part of campaigns to integrate schools or cities like Birmingham. Your first paragraph will be your introduction WITH A SOLID THESIS STATEMENT. Your final paragraph will conclude your essay with a final analysis of LaNier’s work.

Review the literacy tests from Alabama and Louisiana located in the folder “A Might Long Way Essay Assignment” located at the Quizzes and Exams tab. Southern states used these tests to prevent African Americans from voting until the late 1960s after the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. Local county registrars implemented these tests and interpreted the results themselves. In a paragraph, explain how these tests effectively prevented African Americans from voting and how answers could be subjectively interpreted rather than objectively. BE SPECIFIC and mention more than two reasons.

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