3 papers information systems proposal and using word processing tools

1st paper – Information Systems Proposal see below.
Resource: Table 2.2 in Introduction to Information Systems

Scenario: Imagine that you and a business partner are considering starting a small, brick-and-mortar, nostalgic record store. Your friend does not have much experience with information systems or technology, and needs a basic understanding of the different types of information systems available to businesses.

Write a proposal of the types of information systems that would work well for your chosen business, and their benefits and drawbacks. The proposal must explain five types of information systems. See Table 2.2 in Introduction to Information Systems.

Include the following in your summary using the features of Microsoft® Word:

• A table of contents
• A table
• A minimum of two styles
• An image
• Either a bulleted or numbered list
(Table 2.2 is attached)

2nd paper-Using Word-Processing Tools

Write a 250-word summary about the capabilities of Microsoft® Word that you were unaware of before completing this week’s readings. Include how you might use them in a professional capacity in the future.

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