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Course Title: College: Changes, Challenges, and Choices

The final paper gives you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned in the course about the elements of successful college experiences. Carefully consider the various topics covered during the course and make use of the syllabus, the textbook, and any additional handouts and notes you have collected throughout the semester.

Choose three of the following four topics to write your final essay for this course:

  • Your goals for success and how to achieve them.
  • Your concepts of diversity.
  • Values that impact your behavior.
  • How you make ethical decisions.

Write an essay using your topics to respond to the prompts below. Your essay should be three pages in length, double-spaced, with 12-point font and one-inch margins.

  • Describe what you thought about the topics before you started COL 101.
  • Describe what you think about the topics now that COL 101 is ending. Make sure you use examples from your experiences this semester to support your statements.
  • Look at the differences in your thought process. How has your thinking changed?
  • How will you take the next step, and use what you learned in relation to the three topics?
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