3 1 short story discussion quot communist quot by richard ford

I need a 2-3 paragraph post written over the folowing topic:

To participate in this topic, first read “Communist” by Richard Ford (in 100 Years of the Best American Short Stories). Take careful notes as you read the story, paying particular attention to character, place, and attention to detail (or, as Dufresne mentions in the textbook, “The writer’s job is to see the world clearly […] we want the reader to see exactly what we have seen”).

What specific words, lines, or passages stuck out to you as a reader, and what techniques does Ford use that you can emulate in your own writing? Be sure to give examples of all three elements of writing: character, place, and attention to detail.

Please be sure to cite section of the story that stand out as well as provide the reason why. You must use MLA format to cite. View the rubric if there are other questions regarding this assignment.

Note: I will provide access to the story once the someone has been selected.

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