200 word discussion on an experimental study

Applying My Knowledge to Professional Practice

This posting forum provides you with an opportunity to pull together everything that you have learned in the course and apply it to your professional setting.

1. Locate an Experimental study. You can refresh your memory of an experimental study in Module One content or in Topic 2 of the textbook. You might want to start with the HSA Lib Guide on the library site.

2. Save your full text experimental study in a .pdf format to your computer.

3. Attach ( Do NOT copy and paste) a .pdf full version of your experimental article to the forum so that all of us can benefit from what you accessed. If you need assistance with this, contact a librarian. You must attach a pdf. for credit.

4. In 150 to 200 words:

  • explain why you chose this study
  • briefly describe the experiment that is taking place and name the Independent Variable(s) and the Dependent Variable(s). Use an intext citation in this section of your report.
  • what did you learn that you will be able to use in your professional or personal life?
  • include an APA reference citation for your article (review the HSA Style Guide for help with this).

A response to a colleague is always welcomed but NOT required in this forum.

Note: Please remember that this final posting forum and it will close automatically when the course closes at 11:59 p.m., so be sure to review the course Snapshot for the published closing date.

  • Failure to meet the assignment instructions, submit posts in a timely manner, respond to an instructor comment, or provide citations/references for all source material will result in a loss of points.
  • Do not use quoted or copied material.
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