2 2 short paper continuing your analysis

I need a 2 page paper written addressing the following:

The main purpose of this short paper assignment is to get you to reflect and write about the relationship between history and the process of filmmaking. These are the same skills you will be utilizing in your comparative historical analysis of film you will be developing in the course and the final project.

In this assignment, you will continue your analysis of the film you chose for the discussion this week— Modern Times. You will construct a 2–3-page historical analysis that focuses on the socio-historical influences of the time in which your film was created. Your analysis should also identify specific social or historical events/issues that are addressed in your film.

Note: This short paper is designed to give you practice in looking at films through a historical or contextual lens. In this paper, you will be practicing the same analytical skills that you will use in the final project.

Your short paper should include the following critical elements:

  1. A brief introduction that clarifies the focus and main point(s) of your paper, referencing the film you chose
  2. A body that develops and supports your main point(s) with specific answers, examples, and explanations, including:
    1. A description of the significant socio-historical influences in the time in which the film was created
    2. A discussion of specific social or historical issues or events that are addressed directly in the film
  3. A conclusion that synthesizes and summarizes your findings, with special reference to what you have learned about the relationship between socio-historical influences and filmmaking

Use at least 3 sources, and be sure to address each of the questions in this assignment.

Please be sure to cite in MLA format and to review the attached discussion post.

Here are some resources that you can use:




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