1st respond to todd riley and 2nd reconsider your response to todd riley

Response to Todd Riley

Please read through the following problem-based scenario about a credit card company manager who receives an application for a credit card from Todd Riley, who is not old enough to apply for a credit card without a cosigner.

Then write a short response to Todd as the scenario describes. Your response should be about 150-200 words in length.

This might be considered a conventional “bad news” situation. Nonetheless, consider whether you are really giving Todd bad news. He can, after all, get a credit card if he takes some extra steps.

In addition, please respond to at least one other student’s post in this discussion thread. In your response to a fellow student, comment on the organization, word choice, tone, or whatever else you feel is appropriate. Please draw upon the Jameson article in your response to your fellow student. Your response to the other student can be two or three sentences.

Problem-Based Scenario

You are the credit manager for FlashExpress, a growing credit card company, and your department receives hundreds of applications for credit cards each month. Frequently, you receive credit card applications from individuals under the legal age who are applying for a credit card. Legal regulations prohibit you from issuing a credit card to underage applicants unless a parent or other guarantor cosigns with them. If the minor does not pay, then the guarantor becomes responsible for the account. In addition to requiring a guarantor, FlashExpress requires underage applicants to fill out an additional supplemental form.

In your role as credit manager, write a letter to Todd Riley, a 17-year-old underage applicant, responding to his request for a credit card. Consider your audience, the context, and the purpose of your letter. Your letter should explain that you have enclosed a necessary supplemental form, along with a new credit card application, both of which need to be filled out. The guarantor must sign both forms. To expedite processing, Todd should mention on the top of the application that he has applied for credit previously and should return the application and supplemental form directly to you.

Taken from Smart, K. L., Hicks, N., & Melton, J. (2013). Using problem-based scenarios to teach writing. Business Communication Quarterly, 76(1), 72-81. doi:10.1177/1080569912466256


You wrote a response to Todd Riley previously. Mr. Riley had applied for a credit card with your company, FlashExpress. However, he was 17 years old and not of age to apply for one on his own.

Please read pages 74-79 from the article, “Using Problem-Based Scenarios to Teach Writing,” by Hicks et al. Then answer the following questions.

1. This article provides three possible responses to Mr. Riley. How is response #2 an improvement over response #1? Please write two to four sentences in your response.

2. How is response #3 an improvement over both responses #1 and #2? Does response #3 read like a “bad news” letter? What strategy did Paula Persuader use in her response to Mr. Riley that was different from those of the two other writers? Please write two to four sentences in your response.

3. Please describe a situation in which you had to write a message of bad news. Without giving away names or personal information, please describe in as much detail the situation you encountered. This could be a denial of a request from a customer, a note to a contractor that you no longer want his or her services, a message to a company indicating that you are returning a product, etc. Did you apply any of the principles outlined in this article? The authors in this article state that not all “bad news” situations are necessarily bad. In Todd Riley’s situation, it was turned into an opportunity by Paula Persuader. You might comment on whether you used this type of language in your personal situation.

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