19th centry russion literature essay 900 words for university level writing course mla format

Russion literature essay choose one topic from 6 topics

1.How does Pushkin’s “The Bronze Horseman” serve as a chronicle of Russian history?To

what ends?(note:for this essay you will need to make use of some historical sources.Please let me know if you have any questions about valid sources.)

2. How are themes such as power and powerlessness, as well as order and chaos, civilization and

nature, explored in Pushkin’s “The Bronze Horseman”?To what ends?How might this poem serve as a comment on the relationship between the Tsar and the Russian people?

3.How does Gogol mix comedy and tragedy, as well as fantasy and reality, in “The Overcoat”?

To what ends?

4.How is St. Petersburg represented in Gogol’s “The Overcoat”?How is life in the city,

particularly for the rising class of clerks and bureaucrats, represented?To what ends?

5.How is nostalgia explored in Goncharov’s “Oblomov’s Dream”, especially in relation to the

pastoral setting?In keeping with the latter point, what kinds of contrasts might Goncharov be suggesting about city and country life?To what ends?

6.Using both the selection from Herzen’s My Past and Thoughts and the essay on Herzen by

Isaiah Berlin, what kind of image do we get of mid-nineteenth political and intellectual life in Russia?Despite Herzen’s strong political beliefs and his commitment to fighting injustices in Russia, what does Berlin see as Herzen’s chief intellectual – even temperamental – characteristic?How does this distinguish Herzen from other political radicals, both past and present?To what ends?

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