1 question on f irac format business law question

Agent/Principal Liability

Tom works as a traveling salesperson for his company Steel Products Inc. Tom has a specific geographic area in which to solicit orders and service companies during assigned time periods. He has been provided a company car for this purpose. When his company car is in the shop for maintenance Tom takes his personal car to use covering his sales calls. Having finished all of his calls in Steeltown before noon he leaves for Coaltown for his next appointment at 2 pm. Knowing that Coaltown is only 20 miles away he decides part way down the road to visit an old college friend who lives just 10 miles off the main road. Tom suddenly realizes that it is 1:45 pm and he will be late for his first appointment in Coaltown. In his rush to get back to the main road, Tom crashes his car into a tractor severely injuring JohnJohn the tractor driver who files a complaint against Steel Products for his injuries.

DO: Use F-IRAC to analyze Steel Products liability to JohnJohn

The file uploaded called “Agency” should help. Please use F-IRAC format. Doesnt have to be double spaced or a word count. Just do F-IRAC format.

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