1 i need a 1 full page for each assessment

* how to to the page in listed in the attachment ( syllabus then go to wear it sis: Deliverable #2 this is the instruction )

* also please check the attachment ” weekly class engagement” then look for ” assessment , this will Gide you when to send to me every other Monday …. so for now we are in class 1 and 2 cause “she combined these two classes for some resions, so you need to do :

by Wed (Sep 5-2018 , 12:00 pm Washington dc time) send me:

assessment 1- managerial assomtions ans sesement 2- 21st century manager …asesment 3,5,19,20, and finally 6

then next week ( Tuesday 11.2018 ) you can send me the class 3 assinmt

the week after ( Tuesday Sep.2018 ) class 4 …ect

– you will answer the Q`s ( this is only for you to get the score, so don`t sent it for me . then write the assessment when you get the score)

* i am also attaching 3 sample of my friends work to show you how i want this assessment to be foe each assessment

2- i need a weekly newsletter: The attached newsletter is a sample of my friend work. Feel free to get creative and use your own template or follow mine. Just be substantive in you content.

3- do the weekly reflection hand out each week and sent it I i have attached it as a sample)

4- i will also give you the E-book ( you need to contact with study pool so they can give you access to down-lode the book , send it to me so i up-lode the book for you ) in the last pages of the you will see the assessments

5- also please check other attachment that you need

conclusion: this will be a semester work …..each week by Tuesday , i need the assessments + weekly news letter sent to me +weekly reflection hand out.

note: please take care of the formatting instruction giving in syllabus then go to wear it sis: Deliverable #2 this is the instruction and read the sullybus

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