1 assignment due before 12 00 pm est

Please use the submission link in Week 2 to submit your media fast reflection blog by next Wednesday. Please review the guidelines here for writing your 24-Hour Media Fast Reflection Blog. Your blog entry must be a minimum of two well-written, reflective paragraphs, with no grammatical, structural or organizational errors. Below are additional tips for writing good reflective blogs. This can also be a great addition to your personal branding!

Guidelines for Writing Effective Reflection Blogs

1. Focus your feelings: Before writing a reflection blog, the writer needs to stop and decide what it is that he or she going to write about. By establishing a theme, the writer will be able to write in a clear and concise manner.

2. Be organized: Being organized will also allow the writer to write in a clear, concise, and cogent manner.

  • Make a point–State what you have established as your theme and the pertinent information that surrounds the theme.
  • Divide your blog entry into paragraphs–Give each major point its own space so that the reader will be able to understand and conceptualize the different components of your theme.
  • Use topic sentences in paragraphs–These sentences should correspond with your major points and draw the attention of the reader.
  • A reflection blog is not a random free-flow of ideas. It needs to grab the interest of the reader and present ideas in a clear, concise, and cogent manner. *

3. Develop observations and feelings Observations and feelings are an essential component of a reflection blog; however, in order for these components to be properly conveyed by the writer, they must be developed.

  • Identify specific aspects or components of the situation that has been observed. One way to do this is by asking the five basic questions.

i. Who observed the situation?

ii. From What perspective was the observation made and what was being observed?

iii. When did the observation take place?

iv. Why was the particular situation being observed?

v. Where did the observation take place?

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